Selected Publications


Forsyth, J. & Giles, A. (Eds.) (2013). Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada: Historical Foundations and Contemporary Issues. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press. *Winner of the 2014 North American Society for Sport History Book Award, Best Anthology. List of winners.

Journal Articles

 Wilk, P., Maltby, A., Cooke, M., & Forsyth, J. (2018). Correlates of participation in sports and physical activities among Indigenous youth. Aboriginal Policy Studies, 7(1), 62-83. Online article.

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Forsyth, J. (2015).  Make the Indian understand his place: Politics and the establishment of the Tom Longboat Awards at Indian Affairs and the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada. Sport in History, 35(2), 241-270. Recipient of the Editor’s Prize for Best Paper for 2015. External link.

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Forsyth, J. (2005). After the fur trade: First Nations women in Canadian history, 1850-1950. Atlantis, 29(2), 69-78. Online article.

Book Chapters

Forsyth, J. & Paraschak, V. (2013). The double helix: Aboriginal people and sport policy in Canada. In L. Thibault & J. Harvey (Eds.), Sport Policy in Canada (pp. 267-293). Ottawa, ON: University of Ottawa Press. Online book.

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